Vision and Mision


  • AVIASTAR aims to be the aviation operator that commit to safety and provide customers safe and comfortable air charter service satisfaction. Optimistically, the high commitment of Board of Directors may lead us to be a credible, trustworthy, and accountable aviation operator, yet to have the integrity of being the best.


  • AVIASTAR has the following mission statements:

  • Market: AVIASTAR concentrates on serving Indonesia market and has the potentiality of international market expansion.

  • Technology: AVIASTAR believes that constant adaptation of information technology and aviation technology is essential for future success, therefore computerization of data processing and customer services are necessary be performed to achieve operation goals.

  • Durability, Growing, and Profitability Awareness: Decision-making procedure by management will only be made with caution and wisdom in considering the economic motives in favor of the company’s growth and profitability.

  • Business Philosophy: AVIASTAR believes that long–term success can only be achieved through the application of morals and ethics into the business in combining with a harmonic relationship of all stakeholders.

  • Self-Concept: Competitions in the aviation industry are mainly concentrated on operation and its support system. For that reason AVIASTAR will focus itself on providing strong features on its services.

  • Image Awareness: AVIASTAR believes that the community is the largest stakeholder and it will affect the accomplishment of the company’s business. To keep its moral obligation to the community, the company agrees to dutifully serve the Law.

  • Focus on Employees: To ensure productivity and positive contributions from its main assets, AVIASTAR has a focus on its employees.

  • Go Public: AVIASTAR has noble intention to enter the stock market.