AVIASTAR has achieved a leading excellent position as a new entrant and has demonstrated its ability to assist and dealt with many companies and organizations operating in Indonesia and overseas, as follows:


  • Oil Companies: Pearl Oil, BP, Exxon Mobil.

  • Mining Companies: Freeport, BHP Billiton, KPC, Arutmin, Adaro, BCS, Indomoro Kencana, Thiess, etc.

  • Air Service Companies: Airfast, Derazona, Pelita, TWA, NUH, etc.

  • State-Owned Companies: Perusda Kubar, Perusda Kutim.

  • Government Agencies: Province of East Kalimantan, Province of Papua, and Province of South Sulawesi.

  • Others:Eagle Associates -Ltd , Aircraft Canada/ Lorne Gray Agency.


AVIASTAR is backed by world-class suppliers in the aviation industry:


AVIASTAR also works in close cooperation with regulatory bodies, industry associations, and other relevant institutions: