Learn More About This New Trend In Fashion Jewelry

The phrase “less is more” has been attributed to more than one fashion icon, and Coco Chanel famously advised taking off one piece of jewelry before going out. But, times have changed, and the latest trend in fashion jewelry can best be described as “more is more.” Celebrities and models today are making the most out of their jewelry by layering necklaces in different lengths, stacking bangles, and wearing multiple rings and earrings. To learn more about this trend, read on.

How To Layer Necklaces

The key to layering multiple necklaces is to combine three or more necklaces with complementary patterns and varying lengths. For example, start with a choker that fastens around the throat. Add a 16-inch necklace that lies at the collarbone and then a longer 18-inch chain or pendant. Finish off the look with a lariat or y-necklace that ends in a vertical pendant. There are many ways to vary the look by adding beads, pearls, gemstones, and other elements of color.

How To Stack Earrings

Earrings can also be placed all around the ear for a more trendy look. Most people start with a larger hoop or pendant in the lowest piercing, and then add smaller hoops or studs in second and third holes. However, it’s not necessary to have multiple piercing to pull off the stacked-earring look. Instead of pierced-ear earrings, add ear cuffs along the outside of the ear. Bear in mind that earrings don’t need to be worn in matching sets. Just try to balance the length and weight on both sides.

How To Combine Bracelets And Rings

Bracelets and rings draw attention to the forearms and hands, and there are many interesting ways to combine them. One modern trend is to wear multiple rings on a single finger either by stacking rings from the base of the finger to the big knuckle or by adding a smaller ring to the middle part of the finger. Delicate bands or chunky baguettes can work equally well, and bracelets can complement the look by echoing colors. Try stacks of loose bangles in varying widths or combine bracelets and a wristwatch for a trendy look.