Why Steel and aluminium electrostatic powder coating is a Good Choice for Your Next Metal Project

Within the metal fabrication business, a Steel and aluminium electrostatic powder coating is becoming more preferable over utilizing traditional paint for projects. An electrostatic coating works by distributing the paint with a positive charge through an electrostatic spray gun. When the paint disperses from the gun, the charged paint causes the metal to magnetize the coating, much like a magnet. Because the paint coatings come in the form of a powder or atomized liquid, the application process is effortless.

Benefits of Electrostatic Coatings

There are multiple benefits to using an electrostatic coating on metal. Following are a few of the more prominent benefits:

  • Applying an electrostatic coating rather than traditional paint reduces the volume of over-spray, creating better results. The application process requires less labor and material to use, making it simple for the individual to use.
  • Electrostatic coatings are quick drying, often curing within 24 hours. A faster cure time allows businesses to resume as normal the following day.
  • The quality and durability of the coatings are comparable to factory-like finishes, becoming a more suitable choice for customers and manufacturers.

How to Use an Electrostatic Spray Gun

It is just as simple to use an electrostatic spray gun as it is traditional. The steps are as follows:

  • Select the material. The material used depends upon the project. Items such as bike frames, metal filing cabinets, and automobile parts work best with powdered form. When needing to finish parts that contain sensitive materials, such as rubber, or to finish larger projects, it is best to use the atomized liquid.
  • Inspect the spray gun. Inspection of the spray gun is an important step, as it allows for the individual to check the fan pattern and to adjust it.
  • Apply the paint. Apply the paint in even strokes, and double check the coating around the entire project when finished. Double checking ensures that the paint coated the entire project in uniform. When finished, be sure to clean the spray gun well.

Get Started

Electrostatic coatings offer a more durable and cost-efficacious approach as opposed to traditional painting. The coatings come in a variety of colors and textures suitable for even the most unique design. Begin your next metal project by visiting an electrostatic coatings supply company today.