Need a Top-Notch Trade Show Booth? Learn More at Team One Exhibits

Trade shows are an engaging and effective way for a business to increase its market presence. However, participation means the owners or leadership needs to set up an exhibit. The exhibit must visually communicate the organization’s brand name and draw attention from those attending the show.

From a practical standpoint, transporting the exhibit to the trade show location, setting it up, and tearing it down can present challenges to businesses already tasked with competing priorities. A local design house can help owners and leaders design a standout booth, deliver, setup and take it down. Those interested in this type of service can learn more at team one exhibits.


The design of a booth is something that can make or break a business. Since trade shows are full of exhibitors, an eye-catching and appealing design makes a difference. Besides the design of the booth, incorporating electronics and visual cues makes trade show attendees want to stop by the booth and visit. Coming up with an effective design can be a struggle for organizations that do not have graphic design expertise. Hiring an agency can help, but a full-service vendor can take care of all the important details.

Planning and Execution

While the design and technical capabilities of a trade show booth are what people see, hiring a full-service vendor comes with additional peace of mind. These vendors can provide on-site assistance and supervision to help ensure there will not be any surprises. Getting the booth’s materials to the show and storing it locally are additional services local design houses can assist with. Essentially, all the business needs to do is let the vendor know what type of booth is needed and how it needs to look. The rest is taken care of by the vendor.

Placing the responsibility of designing, transporting, storing, and setting up a trade show booth in the hands of someone else can help business leaders concentrate on what they do best. Instead of worrying about whether an exhibit will attract enough interest, leaders and managers can focus on engaging with potential clients. Although trade shows are only one way to attract customers, an engaging presence can ensure the organization’s message is heard.